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Kaleshwaram Project

The Kaleshwaram project World’s Largest lift Irrigation Project is an off-shoot of the original Pranahitha-Chevella Lift Irrigation Scheme taken up by the Congress government in 2007 when Andhra Pradesh was not divided.

After formation of the Youngest State of India Telangana in 2014, the elected Telangana Rastra Samithi government changes the design of the project because of the original plan had many environmental issues and had very less TMC water storage provision — only around 16.5 tmc ft.

After conduction of the advanced and quality Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) survey for a around a year, the TRS government separated the original component serving the district Adilabad area as the Pranahitha project and renamed the rest as Kaleshwaram by redesigning the head works of the project.


World’s Largest lift Irrigation Project

It will create the ayacut of 18.25 lakh acres around 13 districts and stabilization of existing ayacut of 18.82 lakh acres. These are the advantages of kaleshwaram project. Telangana’s Kaleshwaram Irrigation Project gets all Godavari water allocation permissions and designed well. This is the major project situated in between the states Maharastra and Telangana.

Kaleshwaram project cost

Telangana’s Rs 80,000 crore Kaleshwaram irrigation project. No National Status for World’s Largest Lift Irrigation Project.

kaleshwaram project contractors :

Megha Engineering and Infrastructures (Meil)

kaleshwaram project tmc :

240 TMC (195 TMC from Medigadda barrage, 20 from Sripada Yellampalli Project, and 25 TMC from groundwater)

kaleshwaram project river :

The Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Project (KLIP) is a multi-purpose irrigation project on the Godavari River in Kaleshwaram.

Advantages of National Project

List of Barrages in Kaleshwaram project
Officials erected the first of the 66 gates to Annaram barrage in Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Scheme (KLIS) on Saturday. The three barrages that are part of Kaleshwaram project are Annaram, Medigadda and Sundilla. Medigadda has 86 gates and Sundilla has 74 gates.

The stages of the World’s Largest Lift Irrigation Project.

the Longest and Largest rivers of Telangana Godavari, Pranahita, Penganga, Wardha and Maneru 5 flood basins from the flood basin to the Medigadda which is the starting point of the Kaleshwaram Project. (Telangana Rivers List in Telugu, Telangana Rivers Map, Rivers profile of Telangana)

Medigadda Barrage

foundation was laid by First Chief Minister of Telangana, K.Chandrashekar Rao on 02 May 2016. It is located at Medigadda Village, Mahadevpur Mandal, Jayashankar Bhupalpally district in Telangana State. Medigadda Barrage which objective is to utilize Godavari water for drinking and irrigation has a maximum water supply of 284.3 TMCs.

Taking a sophisticated LIDAR survey, CM KCR Pranaitha-Chavella project was designed with the redesign for the Kaleshwaram project at Medigadda.

CM KCR land was worshiped at Medigadda on May 2, 2016 for the Kaleshwaram Lifting Scheme Project.
The project costing Rs.80,000 crores has been completed in three years and cost 50 thousand crores.

Kaleshwaram Lifting Scheme

is divided into 28 packages.

The project includes 19 pump houses, 20 barrages, 203 km of tunnels, 1531 km of canals and 98 km of water pumps.

A total of 82 motors are installed in all 19 pump houses.
The project is designed to lift water up to a height of 500 meters from the starting point of the Medigadda to the Konda Pochamma Sagar Reservoir.

Built-in barrage to store 16.37 TMCs water.
The length of the barrage is 1632 meters.
The spillway is 1308 meters.
Bay length is 324 meters.
Establishment of 85 gates for medical barrage.

Medigadda Barrage was built to withstand the flow of water of 28 lakhs and 25 thousand cusecs.
The upstairs barrage is backed up to backwater.

A total of 11 heavy motors with a capacity of 40 MW have been installed at Kannapalli Pump House.
11 motors a day can lift two TMCs of water to a height of 49 meters.
Turning on the motors at Kannepalli, the gravity canal reaches the Annaram Barrage at a distance of 22 km.

The Annaram Barrage was built on the Godavari river with a water capacity of 10.87 tmc.
It has 66 gates installed.
The Annaram Barrage Backwater frontier is up to Gunjavadu.
Annaram Pumphouse was set up at Gunjagadu.
8 heavy motors with a capacity of 40 MW have been installed at the Annaram Pump House.
Turning on the 8 motors will lift the water to a height of 34 meters.
The water so flows through the gravity canal to the Sundilla Barrage.
8.83 The Sundilla Barrage was built on the Godavari river with the water capacity of the TMCs.

There are 74 gates to Sundilla Barrage and Sundilla Barrage is to the backwater Golivada.
Sundilla Pump House was set up at Golivada.
There are 9 motors with a capacity of 40 MW.
When the 9 motors are turned on, the water is lifted to a height of 40 meters and the water will reach the Sripada Yellampalli project.

The backwaters of the Sripada Yellampalli project will be moved to the Nandi Medaram Reservoir and Sarjipool via two large tunnels at the gates of Venur.
7 motors with a capacity of 124 MW have been installed at Nandi Medaram Pump House.
Turning on the 7 motors, the 1.95 km distance through the canal and 15.37 km through the two tunnels will reach the Lakshmipur Sarjipul tank.

A total of 7 motors with a capacity of 139 MW have been installed at the Laxmipur pump house.
When seven motors lift water to a height of 117 meters, those waters take a flood canal.
From there, one TMC water will flow to the Mid Maner and another TMC water to the SRSP Renaissance Scheme under the Sriram Sagar Project.

The water reaching Mid Maner flows from Anantagiri to Ranganayaka Sagar, Ranganayaka Sagar to Mallannasagar and Mallanna Sagar to Kondapochamma Pond.
1581 villages in 13 districts through the Kaleshwaram Lifting Scheme Project.
18 lakhs 25 thousand seven hundred acres provides irrigated water.

Supply of drinking water to villages in 13 districts including Greater Hyderabad.
The government’s ambitious project, designed and completed in three years.

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