TRS win or lose in 2019 Telangana assembly election ?

Overall TRS might win once more in 2019 elections however below area unit advantages’ and downsides.


1. Most of TS govt schemes area unit smart and helpful to poor individuals.

2. KCR as a CM candidate and there’s no equal leader con parties.

3. No unity in Congress Party and multiple CM candidates.


1. Corruption in govt offices, TS govt is implementing ton of excellent schemes however sadly govt workersexpect bribe whereas delivering them that poor individuals aren’t happy, thus unsure however this turnout throughout elections.

2. teams in TRS Party, most of the opposite party leaders joined in TRS have clash with existing leaders and fashioned teams. Leaders UN agency won’t get a MLA seat are going to be a rebel, thus this looks to be a serious drawback for TRS in 2019 elections.

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