Telangana state boundaries and culture

Telangana state boundaries and culture

Telangana state boundaries: The Nizam’s rule included the Telangana region, Medak and Warangal division belonging to the state of Hyderabad. Later it became a part of Andhra Pradesh. On June 2, 2014, Telangana emerged as a separate state. The city of Hyderabad continues to be the capital of Telangana.

Telangana state boundaries

The Telangana state boundaries share the north and northwest of Maharashtra with the state of Chhattisgarh in the northeast, to the west in Karnataka and to the east by losing. How did that state come to this state? The name Telangana is derived from the widely spoken Telugu language of the state. In the rest of the state of Hyderabad, there are people who speak Marathi and a special mention of Telangana. How is this culture. The Telangana people also have different cultural traditions of India, including the Persian influence of other countries. This state is a specialty of different cultures. Though Telangana is the southernmost state, some festivals like North India’s Holi are celebrated here.

Telangana – Cultural Sector

The famous writers, poets and other artists such as Bummera Pothan (Srimad Bhagavata Telugu translators) have been named after the state. Some of the regional festivals in Telangana are the Bones, Bathukamma and Sakkakka Salaamma Jathara. Festivals like Dasara, Ganesh Chaturthi and Ugadi are also celebrated here. What are the foods in the state? There are two types of foods in Telangana. Telugu  cuisine and Hyderabad cuisine.

Telangana – foods

Telugu cuisines are a variety of spice-flavored flavors, while Hyderabad and other cuisines in Hyderabad cuisine have a mix of Arab, Turkish, and Mughalie cuisine. Telangana Tourism in South India is frequented by tourists in Telangana. Some of them are Charminar, Hussain Sagar, Birlala Mandir and Kundala Waterfalls in Hyderabad, Yadagiri Gutta in Warangal and Saraswati Temple in Basara.

What is the transport system in the state? The state transport system in the state is convenient for travelers and is also easily accessible from other states of India and other countries. The Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in Hyderabad is connected to other states of India as well as to other countries by aviation services. Railway and roadways are also ideal for visiting various places in the state.

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