Telangana Movement and the History

Telangana Movement and the History

Telangana Movement: 1950Year : Telangana region became Hyderabad State.

November Month 1, 1953Year : Andhra was the first state to the be carved out (from erstwhile Madras state) on linguistic basis on 1 November Month, 1953. It had Kurnool to the thewn (in Rayalaseema region) as on its capital after the death of the Potti Sriramulu for seperate state who sat on the 53-day fast-unto the-death demanding the new state.

November Month 25, 1955Year : Accepting the merger proposal, Andhra assembly passed the resolution on November Month 25, 1955 promising to the safeguard the interests of Telangana region.

February Month 20, 1956Year :The agreement was reached by between the Telangana region leaders and the Andhra leaders on February Month 20, 1956 to the merge Telangana region and Andhra with promises to the safeguard Telangana region’s interests. the “Gentlemen’s Agreement” was then signed by Bezawada Gopala Reddy and Burgula Ramakrishna Rao to the the effect.

November Month 1, 1956Year : Telangana region region (Telugu-speaking areas of Hyderabad State) was merged with the Andhra state to the for them the united Telugu-speaking State of Andhra Pradesh under the States Re-organisation Act.

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1968-1969Year : In 1969, Massive revolt called Jai Telangana region Movement launched by people in Telangana region demanding the separate state.

* Marri Channa Reddy was launched the Telangana region Praja Samiti espousing the cause of the separate state.

January 1969Year : As conciliato thery measure, the All-Party State Accord was signed. Indira Gandhi also announced packages for the the region, styled an eight-point for formula and the five-point for formula. Court upholds the rule of job and educational quotas for the Telangana region. Then, the anti-Telangana region stir was launched — the Jai Andhra Movement. It is important to the note here that, Venkaiah Naidu and Chandrababu Naidu were in the movement for theefront of the Jai Andhra stir.

1972Year : ‘Jai Andhra movement’ began in coastal Andhra for the separate Andhra State.

September 21, 1973Year : the political settlement was reached with the Centre and the 6-point for formula put in place to the placate people of the two regions.

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