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The Telangana government issued a notification for the post of junior panchayat secretaries in the state.

Panchayat secretaries

The Telangana government issued a notification on Thursday (August 30) for the post of junior panchayat secretaries in the state. This will replace 9,355 posts. Candidates have to register online from 3rd of September. The deadline for payment of application fee is September 10. The deadline for online registration is September 11.
The government has issued a notification for replacement of these posts immediately after the approval of the new zonal policy. In the face of a pre-election campaign, a large number of jobs have been issued for notification.
Last Thursday (August 23), the finance ministry allowed the 9,355 junior panchayat secretaries to be released in the state. The Finance Department has stated in the ordinance to replace posts with a branch committee.
Under this order, the Panchayat Raj and Rural Employment Jobs released a statement.
On August 2, 4,383 new panchayats were introduced in Telangana state. The total number of panchayats reached 12,751. Of these, 95 per cent are small panchayats. They were established to make local governments more accessible to the villagers. The government has appointed special officers for the village administration.
However, the panchayat secretaries in the state include the newly formed panchayats. The government is getting ready to replace them. The old panchayats in the state were 8,865 while the suburban villages, hordes and guds were separated by the government announced 4,383 new panchayats. With the announcement of 48 new municipalities, the number has reached 139.
Important dates ..
Start Online Registration: From September 3
Last date for payment of application fee: September 10
Last Date for Online Registration: September 11

9200 panchayati secretary jobs in telangana

panchayati secretary jobs: Another key step in Telangana The government has taken a key decision to ensure that the panchayat secretary is given to each village. The new recruitment of 9,200 secretaries will be in the state. CM KCR, who held a meeting with the officials, announced the key decision. The recruitment process will be completed within 2 months and will be completed within 2 months.
They have three years probationary period. They are then regulated according to their performance. They will be given a salary of Rs. 15,000 during these three years. Also, the rule of reservation is followed in the recruitment. The Panchayati Raj Minister Minister Jupally Krishna Rao was handed over to the authorities for the task of creating the policy of the recruitment process. These appointments will be approved in the next Cabinet.
CM KCR said the government’s goal is to have a secretary to every village. The countryside is a catchy village. That’s why this decision was taken. New panchayats have been set up to focus specifically on hordes and goads for governance. The newly appointed secretaries will have to fulfill the responsibilities of the village with the panchayat governor. Even if they work hard, they can also be improved in remote areas.

Famous places in Adilabad district

Famous places in Adilabad district


Basara is the only Saraswati Shrine in South India. It is not just the state, but also the foreign tourists. During the festive season, the rush of the pilgrims is high. The Guruppournami day is especially crowded with visitors at the temple premises. Stay tuned for hours. The temple’s surroundings are green to the pilgrims. Near the temple, the goddess Parvati will be seen as the goddess of the river.

It can not be boating here. It does not matter how much you circulate on the boat. The child is going to make a return to the same. Even the elderly people can not ‘look at this beautiful place for a few days’. Triple IT special attraction in Basra four years ago. Hospitality Most of the guest houses and hotels have been arranged for the convenience of the tourists in recent times. The Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanam and Eco Tourism Department have also provided special facilities for pilgrims.

The Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary

The Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the prominent attractions of the Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary. It is near the centre of the Jannaram Mandal. To get here, the Forest Department has to take permission. We will send forest workers along with us. If you walk in green landscape, that feeling is different. In the middle of the middle laughing, karintimukku .. the nature of the landscape, if the distance in the forest is not tired. Those who think that only teak can be found inside the forest, how many types of trees are there. Wild animals can be seen live here.

Pochira falls

Pochira falls is also famous for the Kunthala Falls which is located in the Pochira Waterfalls Bodh constituency. There is a park near the famous Faterea Falls. The water from the top of the hill ranges from the top of the hills, looking for the water falling from the top. It’s not possible to keep looking at that waterfall !?

Kunthala Falls

Kunthala Falls is the highest waterfalls in the Kothala Waterfalls Bodh constituency. The history behind the name of the ponds … locals say that Shakuntala mudras have been spotted in the region and that is why it is named Kunthala Falls. The stairs should go down to reach the waterfall. The water that runs runs is clearly visible.

Famous places in Adilabad district

The scene looks amazing. Water falling from the height of 45 feet will make a noisy noise. You can enjoy it for a while in the songs of the rocks. Tourists visit this place during the monsoon and winter season. But the waterfall should be cautious. Enjoy the beauty beauties from a distance. Do not go too close. The threat to life is to disobey the warnings. There are moments that have come to beautify the beauty of the beauties. There is a seven-foot cave next to the waterfall. Only man can enter through it. There are statues of stone nandhi, Someshwari and Kakatiyas.

The Laxminarayan Temple

The Laxminarayan Temple is a living testimony to the historic monuments and the Lakshmanarayana Temple at the Jainath Mandala center of ancient sculpture. Built in the period of Satavahanas, this temple displays the culture and arts of India. It is 20 km from the district center. The village is known as Jainath because it is the center of the Jains. It is worth mentioning that the temple was built with a 15 ft long and 60 feet wide black stones. There are about 40 feet of Lakshmanarayana statue in the temple. It is also a direct signal of sun rays in March, April, September and October. Locals say that the temple could have been built around 2500 years ago. But as the days pass, the temple is sinking into the ground a little bit.

Keremeri and Nirmal Ghats

Keremeri and Nirmal Ghats are the headquarters of the district. Travelling on these roads is a pleasant excursion. Cine director and producers travel to distant places in Kashmir and London to show scenes in the cinemas. But there are a lot of natural beauty in Adilabad district. In the past some films and many TV serials were shot here. But now there are no files. It is said that tourists from nearby areas have come to the mountain to see the mountain beaches, live streams, and wildlife that are visible. If you see nature from the Keramari hills in the rainy season, the flowing stream of the surrounding and the green forest ranges can be oozing to the Ooty.